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Latest News

Urban Composter EBook Now Available on Kindle

New EBook now available on Kindle and is free for a couple of days so check it out ASAP!! Jeremy Bennett wrote this book about composting. If you're [...]

Dry Fall without our food plots?

I don't know about y'all, but I miss my green food plots. Although with no food plots it has taken me back to my early years of hunting when we went in the [...]

Mr. Cade Barton kills the FIRST BUCK of HIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

The best news today is a big ole Congratulations that goes out to Cade Barton of Grenada, MS. Cade and his Father, Brian were hunting together this morning [...]

Discoveries on new land ranks a 9 out of 10

I walked up on this old Cemetery site and found some tombstones that carried me back to another era. I sat down to just listened and wondered what I could hear [...]

Congrats to Misty & Glenn and a thanks to Southern Ag Credit of Greenwood

Congratulations and a Special Thank You to Misty & Glenn Fruge for their purchase of 128 acres of Mississippi Timberland. This is their first investment in [...]

The Kirk Crew on a Texas Quail Hunt

The Kirk family headed out to Texas for some Quail hunting and had a pretty good hunt. Big D let the cold weather run them back to Mississippi to thaw out. [...]

Reid Mullen kills big buck!

They say the rut hasn't started here but Reid Mullen has no problem finding a big buck! This is his second kill for the year and without giving away his honey [...]